IR Products, LEDs and Sensors

In addition to the range of Citizen LEDs and Sensors, we also work closely with one of the most technically advanced manufacturers to ensure we can offer an industry leading range of IR products and complementary LEDs. Quality and service from our approved factory are to an exceptionally high standard, with the ability to support short production lead times, far quicker than those you would expect to see in this product group. Custom design product requiring new tooling is also available within short timescales and usually just nominal charges applied which may sometimes be refunded after volume orders commence:

  • IR Receivers: SMD, through hole, custom design holders, taped or bulk
  • IR Receiver Assemblies: Custom design, IR to 3.5mm jack, 0.5M to 10M
  • IR / USB Assemblies: Custom design, 0.5M to 10M
  • IR LED Module Assemblies: Custom design, multiple receivers
  • LEDs
  • LED Assemblies
  • LED Displays